What is 1WORKOUT?

The ONLY Workout You Will Ever Need™. 1WORKOUT was founded by celebrity trainer and health professional Nick Hounslow. After years training thousands of people of different shapes, sizes and abilities, Nick discovered that this program is the only way to develop a healthy body and mind simultaneously.

What makes 1WORKOUT unique?

Our 30-minute strength training workouts are:

• Executed at a super slow pace
• Hyper-focused on a specific muscle group
• Performed to MMF, also known as “momentary muscular failure”.
• Controlled by the hypnotic beat of a metronome.

Training this way not only prevents injury, it builds muscle, endurance and cardiovascular health—and leaves you mentally clear. Each day of the week focuses on a specific muscle group with an underlying full-body focus. This revolutionary approach to fitness is all you need to build the body you want without the dangers of high-intensity, poorly-executed techniques that can lead to elevated stress hormones, injury and disappointing results.

Got a half hour?

Go beyond routine, beyond your limits,
and let’s build muscle mass in 1/10th the
time of typical workouts.


And equally importantly we breathe!

In any one day we take approximately 25,000 breaths a day without thinking about it. Research has shown it is vital to listen to your breath and observe how it affects you. We believe this is just as important at 1WORKOUT. We emphasize the inhalation through the nose, which allows a vast amount of blood to enter your thoracic cavity. As we exhale that blood floods back out through the body. These fluid long breaths will allow you to workout more efficiently, stronger and safer. They will help you last longer until that muscular failure. This will have an incredibly beneficial impact on your not only your blood pressure but your mental state. Pairing breathing with our unique metronome app sounds will take your body and brain to workout space you have never experienced before.


We can tell you how great it is, but feedback from our 1-ERS say it best!


“I feel More exhilarated than exhausted. My muscles aren’t quite sure what hit them, but I loved it and the 30 minutes goes by sooo fast.”
“I was super tired this am from being up all night with my kids, and now I feel ENERGIZED- except my quads feel like jello :)”
“It’s the right balance between Heaven and Hell!”
“The breathing during this workout left me feeling as though I had just come out of a meditation. I have had a ridiculous amount of energy all day.”
“This is the most addicting workout I have ever tried. The isolation is crazy, I am still wobbling but the end result is I feel and look amazing!!”
“How did I just burn 350 calories and get my heart rate to 151 in a slow class and in only 30 minutes? It ended before it felt like it started!”


A higher level. Of peace, calm, comfort. And strength.