Welcome to the worldwide 1WORKOUT community we are excited to have you!

So you’ve taken the leap and you purchased a class…what now?


After reserving your space at our beautifully designed studio please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time for your first visit. One of our friendly front desk team will welcome you and help set you up for your first 1WORKOUT experience. All you need is you. We will guide you through the rest.


Prior to class please download our unique 1WORKOUT App HERE.
You can choose from a selection of 1WORKOUT Metronome animations/sounds which you prefer to accompany and guide you through class. This 60BPM count is vital for mental and physical focus in class. We recommend playing this on speakers at home or use one of your Bluetooth headphones to channel it directly to you. Leaving your other ear to hear class and the instructor from your laptop or tablet.

You will be sent the Zoom link to class 30 minutes prior to the start time. Click the link and enter the class waiting room where our class monitor will admit you into our virtual space. Upon entering you’ll quickly realize that our workout is like no other. There’s no thumping music, no screeching trainer and zero intimidation. You’ll simply hear the beat of our metronome and a warm welcome from your instructor. For the next half hour, an expert 1WORKOUT instructor will lead you through an experience called “time under tension” training—you’ll perform exercises that you may be familiar with, but at a much slower pace than you’re used to. You’ll soon feel that good “burn” in your muscles, but your breathing will always remain controlled, which helps fortify your lungs. After 30 minutes you’ll feel pumped, invigorated and alert, not to mention, accomplished. Don’t wait to join our global movement of like-minded people coming together to pursue physical and mental well-being.

Our workouts are designed to use bodyweight for most moves. However, we always ask you to have downloaded our metronome app, a large towel, a mat, a space of wall to sit against, a chair, two items weighing around 3-5lbs. These can be dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands—even 2 bottles of water work great! Of course for more advanced users if you wish to use larger weights please do so.

We will soon be offering custom 1WORKOUT benches with built-in dumbbells for purchase from our website just like the ones in our studios! So, watch this space!


It’s something you do all day, every day.
But you can do better.



A higher level. Of peace, calm, comfort. And strength.